Medical Professionals


As a true community collaborative and a program of the highly regarded nonprofit CADT, we provide specialized resources for medical professionals. That includes:

  • Training for physicians in the basics of addiction, opioid prescribing and alternative approaches to pain management
  • Training a broad range of front-line professionals about prescription drug abuse, treatment options for opiate addicts, and how to treat opiate overdose
  • Following up with patients who have been prescribed opioid pain medications
  • Providing resources and information to patients who feel as if they are becoming dependent or addicted to opioids

Anti-overdose medicine and training
The medicine Naloxone is used to save lives during a heroin overdose. Learn how ClearPath can help medical providers train to use and administer this drug. Get a free Naloxone rescue kit.

Teach the science
When we get rid of the negative stigma of addiction and see it as any other medical condition that we treat, so much more is possible. That perception starts with medical providers who understand the science and best practices. And it continues with the community you serve. You have a powerful opportunity to help your patients.

We welcome the chance to assist you in any way possible.

Treating with more than medicine
ClearPath Clinic is here to reach and effectively engage individuals earlier in their addiction. Specifically we:

  • Interrupt the “vicious cycle” of addiction
  • Utilize safer alternatives to methadone and other non-mood-altering drugs to support treatment
  • Stabilize, monitor and maintain engagement over a longer period of time
  • Enhance motivation, teach skills and support recovery
  • Combine a highly structured program with genuinely individualized treatment
  • Offer realistic achievable tapering options to reach a drug-free state
  • Work cooperatively with criminal justice, primary medical, emergency medical, mental health, and social services
  • Reduce stigma and increase support for recovery in our community

Because with the right treatment, based in best practices and an empowered patient, recovery is possible.