If You Need Help


We’re here with the help you need.
The path that’s right for one person may not be exactly right for another.
It’s why everything we do to help starts with you. Our goal is to help you get out of the Clinic and back into life. You decide how and when that happens.

  • If you want off of heroin, prescription pills or another drug, we can help.
  • If you’re struggling and need stability, we can create a path to safety.
  • If you want a special way to address your problem, we can customize an approach that’s right for you.

The right help makes the path clearer.
It’s a path you choose. And a path we support.

  • See all of the services offered here.
  • See why you’re in the right place for the best outcome.
  • See the medications used in treatment. People respond differently to medicine—and to different medications. Learn more.

You’re not alone. Find hope, support and resources.
Families and friends play an important part in recovery—but they have to start by taking care of themselves first. Learn more.