About Us


How are we providing greater hope for preventing, treating and recovering from opiate addiction? With a healthy medical setting that serves patients, families and our entire community.

ClearPath Clinic is unlike anything Minnesota has seen before. ClearPath is a:

  • non-profit medically assisted treatment and recovery program for opiate addiction that’s rooted in the recovery model.
  • community collaboration that came together in response to a public health epidemic.
  • training ground for area health providers who together can reach out to help people understand addiction is a disease.

Why it’s better

Unlike stand-alone “methadone clinics” people hear about, this comprehensive nonprofit setting is using best medical practices along with effective, client-centered psychosocial treatment to help patients.

  • More effective: The combination of medically assisted treatment with individualized counseling and therapy has been proven the most effective way to treat heroin and prescription drug addiction.
  • Safer: We help interrupt the “vicious cycle” of addiction using safer alternatives to methadone when possible, and other non-intoxicating drugs to support treatment. It starts with stabilizing a patient, then we monitor and maintain engagement over a longer period of time.
  • More than Rx: we’re here to reach and engage individuals earlier in their addiction. And that has everything to do with individualizing treatment, teaching skills and supporting recovery for the long term.

See the treatment services we offer and learn how ClearPath benefits our entire community

Who we are

For people facing addiction and our greater community, you couldn’t ask for a better qualified and experienced partner.

ClearPath Clinic is a program of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment (CADT). It is a nonprofit medically assisted treatment and recovery program for opiate addiction. ClearPath Clinic is the first nonprofit in Minnesota operating a recovery-oriented system of care while embracing medically assisted treatment options as part of its process.

Since 1961, CADT has existed to provide chemical health, substance abuse and addiction treatment, as well as recovery services, to anyone seeking help for drug, alcohol or gambling problems. Learn more

Meet our directors 

1402 East Superior St.
Duluth, MN

Helpline available 24 hours, 7 days per week

What we believe

Reduce harm to all. We exist to reduce the risks and harm to both the person who is addicted, their family and the community. Learn about harm reduction

Each path is unique. You’re not alone in facing the disease that is substance abuse and addiction. Yet you’re unique in finding and cultivating your path to clarity and ultimately a healthy recovery. It’s why our programs use many different approaches to treatment and recovery—so you can find the approach that’s most successful for you.

We’re in this together. See how our greater community is helping individuals and families overcome opiate addiction.